Friday, May 2, 2008

Don't Worry Be Happy

Admittedly 2008 has not been a great year for myself or those around me. People have been in and out of the hospital, crucial funds have been denied, school has been so insanely stressful. Buuut...being the new optimist that I am, I say things are really looking up! Honestly it can only get better from here on out. School is out in a week and a half and it's gonna feel oh-so-good to turn my ridiculously long list of projects and papers in and be done with it! Yessss...

As for now it's all about getting my projects done. But in the spirit of positivity it is the weekend and I am healthy and I have good music on my iTunes :) AND tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day and I hear 2Peas and ScrapInStyle have some fun things in store...
Once finals are finito I plan on playing with this nice stack of papers and labels and tickets and gift cards and getting back to my scrapping addiction. It's gonna be so great!

In other news, a few weeks ago ( has it really been that long?) John and I stopped by Scrapbook Oasis while in Irvine visiting family and it was SO. FREAKING. AWESOME. Talk about scrapbooker's paradise - as nerdy as that sounds - and I cannot wait to go back! Here's all the stuff I managed to pick out after much deliberation. I finally convinced myself to go with these things under the notion that I will indeed be back to get more :) But I have to say one of my most favorite things about that store was seeing some of my favorite scrapbookers' work in person, such as Jamie Waters and Amy Tangerine and Emily Falconbridge. Ahhh it was so exciting!

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