Friday, May 23, 2008

Living the life.

I am SO enjoying my time off of school. It has been absolutely great, I get to scrapbook, read about scrapbooks, look at scrapbooks online, and basically live in my own scrappy world. And I also workout and take the dog for a walk somewhere in between all that scrappiness. Haha, I wish I could always be so free! I was flipping through channels on the TV yesterday and came across a scrapbooking segment on the Home Shopping Network. Holy moly, pure velveeta! I swear, these people were just so cheesy and over the top, it makes me wonder who would actually buy things from such goofballs. But anyways, I need to be nicer so I will just zip it :)
Today was amazing, I got to meet up with two of my bestest friends for coffee and catching up. We had such a good time reminscing and sharing our lives as of late. I forget how good it feels to be in the company of those who know you best! Val and Christina, I do love you both! We took some ridiculous photos as well because I am a demanding friend who needs photos for her scrapbooks, hahah. I love this one of us in the reflection of Val's car. I touched it up in Photoshop because I wanted to give it a cool campy, 70's vibe and I love how it turned out. The more yellow and funky it looks, the more I like it!

More "head trauma" photos, haha! When we were in junior high we used to smash our heads together in photos (lord knows why) and we lovingly refer to it as "head trauma." I guess you had to be there, hahaha. Sometimes I think back on all the strange, neurotic traditions we created over the years and all I can think is we were so ODD!!! HAHA! But I love all of my friends, every last one of them...

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