Friday, September 26, 2008

How it goes

I love to read about what other people are loving at the moment, so I want to do the same and share what is currently floating my boat.
  • The changing fall colors. I think autumn is officially my favorite season and I look forward to October's arrival!
  • Speaking of autumn, I have been loving Elsie's posts lately, especially this one. That girl never fails to inspire with her words and photos.
  • Absolutely in LOVE with this blog. Christina is truly a wonder for my senses and I am so enthralled with her minibooks!
  • Planning a trip to Vegas this coming December. Vegas in and of itself is stimulation overload, I can only imagine what the Christmas season is like!
  • Last night's season premiere of The Office . Holy moley, the Pam and Jim bit was the cutest thing ever!
  • Gen's Halloween minibook which is even more beautiful in real life! I'm lucky enough to work with this crafty girl and I think we have the same exact taste in scrapbooking supplies - we're constantly swooning over the same products!
  • Kerry Lynn's Kenner Road . The layout of the website is gorgeous enough but then you look at the gallery and it is heaven to my eyes! Especially this insanely inspiring minibook...
  • School is so busy that the time seems to be flying by - always a good thing!
  • Free podcasts on iTunes are just about the greatest thing my ears (and credit card) could possibly experience. I am really loving Morning Coach and Craftcast . I upload them to my iPod and take the inspiration with me wherever I go!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I can't believe I am already back in school again - what in the world happened to summer break?! Oh well, this is where we are at and we are definitely going to make the most of it. This past weekend I was able to go home to visit my family before the madness of school and work and life combined takes over. It was so much fun, as usual. Got to use the sewing machine. Got to play with paint and glitter mist while sitting poolside. Made (and am still making) a new mini book all about my memories of home. Took a lot of Polaroids. Took a lot of photos with the Nikon. Played with my sweet pup.
I made lists about all the creative ideas I have formulating for the future. I slept in (so nice). On our way back down to San Diego, we stopped for lunch in Aliso Viejo and I just about died over the scrapbook aisle at their Target. They seriously were packing a big punch with all the Making Memories Halloween and Christmas lines and KI Memories Bloom Collection (which I totally snagged). Honestly, all the Targets in San Diego and Moorpark are just slackin' when it comes to wowing me over. What a happy surprise that was to experience the magic of Target. As if Target wasn't magical enough already...(haha).
Check out Jakey Boy. Such a good model for the camera I keep putting in his face, haha.

I'm hoping I will be able to stay afloat with all my school work and actually do things AHEAD of time (novel concept, I know). I say this every semester. But this time is FOR REAL. Life is gonna be good. Yesterday I brought my Ziploc of scrap supplies to school with me. On my breaks I sat on a grassy knoll under the trees and just enjoyed being my nerdy self who enjoys paper.

Life IS good.