Friday, September 26, 2008

How it goes

I love to read about what other people are loving at the moment, so I want to do the same and share what is currently floating my boat.
  • The changing fall colors. I think autumn is officially my favorite season and I look forward to October's arrival!
  • Speaking of autumn, I have been loving Elsie's posts lately, especially this one. That girl never fails to inspire with her words and photos.
  • Absolutely in LOVE with this blog. Christina is truly a wonder for my senses and I am so enthralled with her minibooks!
  • Planning a trip to Vegas this coming December. Vegas in and of itself is stimulation overload, I can only imagine what the Christmas season is like!
  • Last night's season premiere of The Office . Holy moley, the Pam and Jim bit was the cutest thing ever!
  • Gen's Halloween minibook which is even more beautiful in real life! I'm lucky enough to work with this crafty girl and I think we have the same exact taste in scrapbooking supplies - we're constantly swooning over the same products!
  • Kerry Lynn's Kenner Road . The layout of the website is gorgeous enough but then you look at the gallery and it is heaven to my eyes! Especially this insanely inspiring minibook...
  • School is so busy that the time seems to be flying by - always a good thing!
  • Free podcasts on iTunes are just about the greatest thing my ears (and credit card) could possibly experience. I am really loving Morning Coach and Craftcast . I upload them to my iPod and take the inspiration with me wherever I go!


Gen said...

awe....your sooo sweet! lol.

Beth Perry said...

I love your mini down below. So cool!