Friday, May 16, 2008

Life, it's so good to have you back

Ahh yes, school is out and I am a free bird at last, thank god! Sheesh, this was the semester that just would not end. It sort of felt like Groundhog's day where I just kept reliving the same monotony day after day...but now it's behind me and I feel so excellent! Lots of new changes in this past week. The biggest change of all would be my decision to switch my major from interior design to multimedia. All semester long as I would begrudgingly do my drafting, model-building, etc. and feel like life just plain sucked, I would ponder other routes to take in terms of a major and ultimately a career. As much as I love interior design and decorating my own personal surroundings, it just was not working for me. Not only that, but it was going to take me at LEAST another FIVE SEMESTERS to finish up NINE classes! Hello, that is just plain ridiculous. I'm already a senior in college! What a waste of time and open units. I could easily squeeze that curriculum into two semesters if only they didn't set absurd prerequisites that set you back unnecessarily. So anyways, one day John calls me at school and tells me he had been looking into other majors that we both could switch to (he was originally graphic design) and says that multimedia would get us out of college in one year (YESSSSS) and we would take awesome classes for it. I was SOLD. As of that day, I checked out of ID mentally and was ready to tackle multimedia with great fervor. So here I am, a multimedia major, doing exactly what I want to do and feeling great about the future... So, ever since I got out of school on Wednesday, I have jumped right back into the wonderful world of scrapping! SO. MUCH. FUN. First order of business was to create these "kits" so to speak, where I pick out a limited amount of supplies and work only with those items. It definitely makes my scrap time super enjoyable and less overwhelming (especially when it comes time to clean up). So I plopped everything into the bag I made (shown above) as well as into my old interior design supply holder (I knew ID was good for something!) and have been loving life ever since!
Also, I entered a challenge sponsored by Jamie Waters on NSD at 2Peas using this layout:

and won this fabulous prize! Talk about excitement over receiving mail! Yessss!

I also started a new scrapbook using this awesome ID binder I found in the trash of the ID supply room closet. From trash to treasure, just how I like it.

And in other news, I made some new decorations for our apartment using fabric stretchers. So fun and easy and a great way to use up fabric scraps and jazz up boring white walls.

Finally, I must say the Office was so great last night! Go Dwight! hahaha, love that surprise ending...
Annnnd, I recently discovered two new blogs from scrapbookers with the most awesome style! I can't get enough of Michelle and Jennifer . Oh how I love discovering new and exciting things :)

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dainjb said...

i've been wanting to make some of those fabric hoops to hang up too! i love the way they look.

the paper source is opening up in september (i'm so sad we have to wait!) it's going to be in the forum, if you know the area ... it's off leucadia blvd & el camino real. BUT, have you been to paper tales yet? it's super cute and might hold you over until paper source opens, haha.

hope you're having a good week :)