Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mini Vacation

John and I decided to go home for a week to spend time with our families before he starts summer school and I start working full-time and we never see them again. So of course, on my way to Simi, I had to stop off in Irvine for some Scrapbook Oasis loving. Here's my latest loot. So fun! I can't wait to get in there and play around with all this goodness! I also stopped by South Coast Plaza to check out Paper Source. Holy frick, that place is FABULOUS! I can't wait til we get one in Leucadia! They had all types of fantastic-ness, including American Crafts, Jenni Bowlin, Hambly...geez louise! I was hyperventilating, but I was also watching the clock knowing that I had best hop on that 405 before traffic set in for good. Well, it still took me two and half hours to get from Irvine to Simi Valley, but it was worth it. And what a busy weekend I just had! My family came down to stay with John and me for my uncle's wedding. They're all about the free lodging, I tell ya... :) It was a good time, we had fun, I drank everyone's champagne glass at our table and then took two bottles home with me, thanks to the help from my accomplices (i.e. boyfriend, brother, brother's gf), hahaha! Good times were had, as you can see from Andy and Ashley's faces below:

Family portrait right after the ceremony. I don't know why we all chose black (well, Andy and my dad were part of the wedding, so they had no choice!). Apparently we like to offset our albino skin tones... hahaha

Ashley, me, and Mom sweating it out in the Santee sun:

Aww, we just love my aunt's and uncle's dogs so much, especially this little guy named Spud. John is the dog whisperer, they all flock to him and run away from me, haha. I think I love them too much for their liking.

Alright well I'm off to Michael's and Target, just because!


Kate said...

so so jealous of your new scrapbook stuff :)

dainjb said...

so jealous of your new stuff, i'm going to have to drive up to scrapbook oasis soon, it sounds AMAZING!

yes, i think i declared that i wanted to either move in to paper tales or hang out there everyday like it's the "local hangout" / coffee shop. haha. but i think that would be excessive.

carlsbad would be a horrible commute, since i'm in north park, but just the thought of being surrounded by paper all day makes my heart swoon a little bit.

wow, i sound like such a dork.

Kate O'Brien said...

glad you had a fun trip! love the photos. and love the new loot!

hope you had fun at target...the happiest place on earth! :)

Michelle said...

Whee!! Sounds like fun! I'm super-jealous of your scrap-shopping..there's nowhere but Michaels and the internet here...=)