Friday, April 18, 2008

Best day of the week!

Lately I've been really into scrapping again. It definitely appears to be a cyclical thing for me. I am always in the mood to look at other people's layouts but to do my own takes some motivation. But it is FRIDAY and that is the best news of all!
The other night when I was taking all the pillows off the bed to go to sleep I found a lovely surprise under the covers: the movie "Juno"! I was so psyched. Someone knows me too well and remembered that it came out on DVD that day so he swung by Best Buy to snag a copy for his Michael Cera-loving GF. I haven't watched it yet, but maybe that will be on the agenda for tonight!
In other news, we got a Chipotle right down the street from us! Hallelujah! Not like there aren't 50 others within a 10 mile radius of us, but this one is so fabulous. I will explain. Reason A: plenty of parking. Reason B: Right by Target. I don't even need to go into Target to be happy. Just to be in the vicinity of my holy land is good enough for me. And Reason C: When we drive home after snagging some giant burritos, I always try to dig my sticky fingers into the chips because they are so yummy and easy to snack on while I drive. just so happens that a certain BF of mine does not believe in breaking into the chips before we are home and settled (heaven forbid). I think his reasoning is retarded and he thinks I am pathetic for being so impatient. So to be only 5 seconds away from home means a shorter waiting period for me to bust open that bag and a happy camper boyfriend who can have his burrito and chips coexist peacefully in the comfort of home. The end.
Tomorrow we are headed to the OC to pick up John's car which has been malfunctioning like mad lately. So in order for him to have my lovely self accompany him on his journey, I blackmailed him to take me to Scrapbook Oasis in Irvine. YES YES YES, I cannot wait! Plus I'm just excited to go somewhere. Getting out whenever possible = a happy Ann-Marie.
Yesterday I had the worst stomachache. I have a feeling it was PMS-related so I wasn't worried about things getting vomitocious (TMI?), but it did make for an interesting 6 hours straight for two classes back to back in the same classroom. I spent a good portion of a drafting demo essentially laying on the teacher's desk to ease my knotted tum while he showed us how to do the next project. I'm sure that looked great. Very professional. Finally we were done with the demo and I was able to hunch over in my chair (never be completely upright when cramps are involved. always go hunchback-style, it works) for over 4 hours straight. Typically when one class ends, I run over to an on-campus Starbucks to pick up a drink simply because I like to drink away my sorrow over the fact that I have ANOTHER 3 hours of school before I can bone outta that joint. But not this time. I was staying put in that chair for as long as possible and it worked like a charm.

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