Saturday, April 12, 2008

Right back in it.

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I love when I realllly want to scrapbook AND I can find time to scrapbook. Usually the equation here is not in balance! So I think it is so fabulous that John (being the nice bf that he is) let me use his completely unused agenda book from this school year to turn into a new scrapbook! So fun! I love the size, I love the idea of it, I love the recycling aspect of it, I just might have to attend school for the rest of my life so I can keep hoarding these babies! Plus, school's almost out! For! Summer! Four more weeks and I am counting each day down, hallelujah! Summer school might be in the mix but it won't last as long as a real semester and that sounds excellent to me. Things are really looking up over in my corner of the world, I am pleased to report. Let's hope it lasts :)

P.S. John brought home an old typewriter from his parents' house and it is so fun! The thing is quite beastly but the noise it makes is so satisfying. Our whole apartment is turning into one giant workspace. Computers and printers on the desk. A sewing machine and mondo typewriter on the dining room table. Guitar Hero propped against the TV. We are all about technology, apparently.

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