Monday, March 31, 2008

Holy Guac

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Hmmm...I think I have neglected this blog thing long enough, sheesh! Well I am back! With lots to say since I have time on my hands now that it's Spring Break! yesssss...

First off, I'm in the process of transferring my 3000 songs from the family computer to my own laptop. I think I now have almost 200 songs on here...only 2800 left! No biggie, haha. This all came about because my ghetto iPod (you know, the big fat ones from way back when, aka 3 years ago) kept flashing this sign with a picture of the iPod with X's in its eyes! Now, if there's one thing I learned from playing Super Mario on Nintendo 64 every summer of my youth it's that X's in the eyes=no good. It means it's time to reset the game so you can start fresh and pretend like you didn't just fall off the slide 5 times in a row so your brother or cousin can't have a turn just yet. In iPod terms it means it is OVER. No more ghetto iPod. Time to buy a brand spankin new one with your tax refund money! So it's sort of cool. Time to start fresh and have a new iPod to fill up and scratch up and drop on the floor repeatedly. This one won't be going anywhere near a pool where iPod No. 1 bit the dust and it won't be covered in Paris Hilton-esque rhinestones like iPod No. 2. Instead it will be awesomeeeee...

In other news, its Spring Break! No phrase in the world sounds better than "Spring Break." Except "Winter Break." Or maybe the word "free." Or "Two week vacation to Disney World." maybe it's not the best phrase. But it's pretty darn close! I am living up my college freedoms! This may only occur one more time before I am forced to live in the real world and go to work everyday. Oh, the horror! Maybe I'll stay in school a little longer than planned...hahaha.

P.S. Arrested Development is the greatest show ever! I can't believe I didn't find out about it sooner - it has really shifted my list of favorite shows and that is huge. I think it may now take over the coveted #1 spot that "The Office" held down for so long. Life changing, I tell you! John and I love to make lists of our favorite everythings (shows, movies, music). I don't really know what's that's all about, but we do it anyways. But I digress, AD is bomb dig. And I love Michael Cera. The end.

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CandiMandi said...

at least you have an ipod! haha I have my brother's hand me down CD player.... I know. So last Century.
THanks for the compliments on the model! For a second I thought you were going to say you went to school with me! haha I used tacky glue for the whole thing... which really sucked when I glued something down wrong, cause it dries fast.
But yeah it actually only took me about 20 hours to make! haha ONLY. Thanks again!