Sunday, April 13, 2008

So stinkin' hot

Eye Candy
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My goodness, it is so HOT out. Typically I love the heat. I love not having to bring a sweatshirt or jacket or both to hit the grocery store on a random Sunday. But holy moley, I am melting. But that means it's almost summer and that is a fabulous thing.

Feeling kinda blah today. Not quite sure why either, but a trip to Trader Joe's and Target has helped me feel better. Especially since I loaded up on these amazing mint chocolate candies...I'm poppin' them like there's no tomorrow. Mental note to self: STOP! hahaha. Oh and by the way, Martha Stewart's craft selection makes me positively giddy. Martha, Martha, Martha. Always taking my money. If only you would be down with having sales at Michael's, like every other brand at that fine establishment. If only.


Kara said...

Oh, those Martha stickers look amazing! I'll have to pick up some. Thanks for the heads up on Toast, I'll have to sign up for that one. :) Wanted to say that your pages you make, wicked awesome style.

Blackwood CMYK said...

Babe, why don't you stop slacking with the blogging! New Office tonight! WOOP! I guess you now what they say...

It ain't eeeaasssaaaayyy bein' white!