Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"I was voted OFF"

was my favorite line from last week's episode of Project Runway, said by none other than Chris March when comparing who had it worse with Sweet P and Victorya. Another favorite quote was Christian's belief that "Prom is horrible and tacky and gross." Hahaha. I seriously cannot get enough of that show, it is the highlight of my week! Aside from Jon & Kate Plus 8 and The Real Housewives of Orange County, that is.

I'm actually looking forward to my classes, is that insane? 5 art classes, ooh lordy! I think I'm most excited to go back to my apartment where my lovely boyfriend is currently at. All by his lonesome. Probably enjoying every single minute of my absence, haha! Right, babe? :)

So I made a 2Peas account in addition to my ScrapInStyle profile, just getting the hang of this online scrapping world. Man, it takes forever to upload all my pages! I think that's half the battle right there! But I do love receiving feedback on my work, that's for sure! It's like freakin MySpace all over again, haha. Here are some of my newest layouts, as of late:

this one is for the HMITM weekly challenge to scrap using whatever is on your desk.
Some Office loving. Gotta get my Office fix somewhere now that the writer's strike is not ending anytime soon. Blahh....

I do love Gwen Stefani lyrics. Or lyrics of any kind, for that matter :)

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