Tuesday, February 5, 2008


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Life has been so busy lately...early mornings, late nights, hours upon hours of school, topped off with hours and hours of homework...blahhh. But I'm getting into the groove of it, learning my limits as well as my capabilities. And having no school on Friday = a 3 day weekend EVERY weekend = a happy me!

This past weekend, we went to Border's on Friday, where I had the best tall nonfat caramel latte ever while I read scrapbooking and art journal books and magazines that I am drooling over. So. Much. Fun.

Saturday was all about some gym time and schoolwork, followed by some fabulous antiquing. Ocean Beach is where it's at! John and I spent a few hours (and we could easily have spent the rest of the night there, had it not been closing time) browsing all sorts of fun antique items. I was all about the vintage paper products and old postcards...ahhh so wonderful to me! I snagged a few things for less than eight bucks. Way cheaper than buying traditional scrapping supplies! Take that Michael and JoAnn! And of course, we topped it off with some Chipotle in PB. We are addicted, I tell ya.

Sunday...hmmm...John watched the SuperBowl and I shopped. And didnt buy a thing! Why is it that I felt such a sense of accomplishment over having not purchased a single item? i don't know, maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't spend money I dont have! Ha! As if... :)

Anyways...I have become oBSESSED with looking up things on etsy. I want to be a seller too! If only I knew what to sell? haha. John and I are going to give each other straight up cash for V-Day. So romantic I know. buuuut, it is exactly what we both want and this way we can go nuts with cash burning a hole in our wallets. Maybe I will buy some etsy goodness? or antiquiness? or thriftiness? or forever 21-iness? so many choices, I can't wait! I'm almost done with this day, thank you Jesus. Only 6 more hours of art classes...ahhh, shoot me now!

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