Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Estoy aqui.

Oh my goodness, why am I so bad at updating? I'm always putting it off like it's a ten page paper or something...not quite sure why I do that? So anyways, I have been super busy, working all the time, making money to support my hobbies, haha. In fact, I actually work at a scrapbook store! It includes a LOT of restocking and pricing and doing things you don't normally associate with the glamorous world of scrapping, but it is money in the bank nonetheless. AND there just so happens to be a sweet discount on all merchandise for employees, which I am ever so pleased about, haha. And every once in awhile, when I return home from a long day in the scrapbook world I actually find the time and energy to create!

I was thinking that another one of my friends needs to get married STAT because last summer was so much fun with all of Heather's bridal festivities. And no, it won't be me, hahah! I was going through all my old photos yesterday, just looking for something new and excting to plan scrapbook pages around, and I found so many fabulous things! I love when I forget about what I have and then rediscover it in all its glory - its like finding money in my pocket! Yessss! Tonight I am heading home to Simi to see my family which I am so excited about. It's funny how when you move away, you suddenly feel so nostalgic for home and all the things you took for granted for so long. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps?

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dainjb said...

which store are you working at?!?