Thursday, July 10, 2008

Countdown to Christmas!

I have been really pining for the Christmas season lately! I can't wait to bust out the decorations and the gift wrap and spend time in crowded malls! I would say I'm excited for the music too, but I listen to that year round - nothing like a little "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (Ella Fitzgerald style) to keep me breezing through a summer workout :) Haha! I know I should just be content with the summer, but this is totally the way I am. I always need to have something to look forward to if I want to enjoy the present moment. Sounds kind of backward but it's how I roll :)

Also, I have really been loving iTunes lately. I go through music-buying phases where I'm on it everyday and then all of a sudden I abandon it for weeks at a time. Nothing better than finding music that you LOVE and keep hitting the back button so you can hear it just one more time.

So today is my day off from work and I am loving the freedom. Last night while shopping -ahem, working at the store- I snagged a few new things to play with and now I'm so excited about them! The buttons were such a great deal (shown above): you fill up a mini-Gladware container with as many buttons as possible and it's only $5! If you want to buy an individual button, it's 15 cents. So being the mathematician I am (ha! I wish!) I determined that $1.00 would only equate to 6 buttons...not good enough for me. So the Gladware it was!

I love the American Crafts Remarks pack - I think bold letters always tie a page together so I'm excited to dig into those. And the cute little girl icons actually came from a keychain of about 7. They're acrylic and I already painted two because I love them so much! The mini tags are just too cute. Even though I could make them myself, their minature size was just bowling me over so I caved and bought 4, haha.

Last night I came home from work and John was making orange chicken for us - it was so good! What a guy ;) He's become quite the Emeril lately and I sure as heck do not mind!

Today I'm going to workout, pick up some groceries and lord knows whatever else catches my eye at Target, and play with my new scrap supplies! :)


dainjb said...

my stock of colorful buttons is low, what a good deal! and i love the font of the stickers! you still haven't told where you work (or did i miss that somewhere?)

Gen said...

I love how you photographed the buttons, too cute! I baught a bag of em a couple months ago and still havnt gotten a chance to use em. I just have ZERO time these days for scrapin, it sucks!! Im gonna try and work on my halloween mini book tonight though. I really need to get it done before all the other teachers start bringing theres in. glad i found your checking in soon. ~gen