Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Always thinking...

I'm always thinking about what's next, where I'm going, what I'll be doing, what I'll be wearing, and most importantly, where i'll be living. I don't feel much of an attachment to San Diego. Don't get me wrong, I think this city is fabulous. There are so many awesome things I love about this place, including the swap meet, the weather, Fashion Valley, and even touristy stuff like Old Town and Seaport Village. But I don't know if this is where I want to plant my roots, so to speak. Come graduation, when it's time to make some real decisions about careers and real estate, I want to start fresh and move somewhere new. I have so many ideas: Mission Viejo, Carlsbad, Redondo Beach, Irvine, Agoura...the list is endless! I even think it might be fun to move up to Mammoth Lakes for a short while and experience the mountain life. But then again, that would take me away from my beloved D-Land and lord knows that would be pushing it (hahaha):

So for now I'm staying in SD. Actually I kind of have to if I ever want to get my degree (ha!). And I'm gonna live it up while it lasts :)
This past week I spent some time at home with my family (another reason why I want to move out of SD - 3 hours is too far away!). I got some scrapbooking done which made me feel happy. I'm into using old photos right now that I have had tucked away for too long.

In other news, I won a contest on Kristina Contes' blog! Woo! I was so psyched and still am! Alright, I'm off to workout before I work tonight. Have a great day ;)

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Kate said...

LOVE your pages....and I totally had one of those abercrombie jackets (as did every single person at my school haha)