Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh yes.

I asked Jamie out of the blue: "Are you a good jumper?" and of course she said yes (not knowing what her answer entailed). Hence, here we are showing off our jumping skills at Heritage Park in Old Town. I feel a new photographic obsession coming on...
And I HAD to bring the Polaroid with me. What's an adventure without the instant gratification I receive from that thing?
And here I am reveling in the fabulousness of the Polaroid.

P.S., I only recently learned what "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" truly means. All along I have been singing to Outkast, not knowing what I am talking about. Now I know :)


dainjb said...

i'm loving my polaroid camera lately too, so sad that the film isn't being made anymore. gotta stock up, too bad it's so expensive!

jill said...

there's something magical about a jumping picture, huh? And also a polaroid camera. fun stuff!